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Enjoy the new way of travelling with Coverontrip and Deniasol

Coverontrip-antiCOVID-anulacionAnti-COVID Cancellation Insurance

With cancellation coverage in case of positive

If a family member is hospitalized for coronavirus, you will be covered!

With 35 causes of cancellation covered, reserve with the greatest peace of mind!

Your travel companion

Coverontrip-antiCOVID-primeraAnti-COVID Assitance and Cancellation  

Medical and hospitalization expenses including covid!

With coverage of extension of stay at destination due to covid contagion

Including early return due to declaration of a state of alarm or border closure

Contact in case of emergency

+ 34. 91.572.43.43

Contact in case of cancellation

Remember that to be considered a trip you must travel at least 30 km from your home

And if you want more security, contract our product Free Withdrawal!

This insurance must be contracted within the 24 hours in which you have made the reservation, and has a excess of 15% on the total reservation, that is, with this insurance you insure 85% of the amount the cancellation of your trip for any cause